of technological processes
Automation<br>of technological processes

Product Guide

  1. MEASUREMENT APPARATUS: analyzers, calibrators, conductometers, counters, electrodes, flow-meters, indexes, indicators, level indicators, manometers, measuring instrument, pH-meters, pyrometers, positioners, pulses, refractometers, recorders, rotameters, scalers, scales, sight-glasses, signaling devices, probes, specialistic instruments, straight-edges, switches, tachometers, tools
  2. INDUSTRY FITTINGS: actuators, atomize lances, butterfly valves, coolers, compensators, diffusers, drivers, electromagnetic valves, lamellas, magnetizers, membranes, nozzles, quick release couplings, reducers, servo valves, valves
  3. AUTOMATIC: alarm systems, burners, control cards, controllers, converters, encoders, frequency converter, heads, inspection cameras, monitor displays, optical elements, photo resistors, photo sensors, pilots, programmers, regulators, relays, thermostats, variable-speeder
  4. LABORATORY: laboratory and analytical instruments, Dennison waxes
  5. ELECTRICAL POWER ENGINEERING: cables and conductors, insulators, power equipment, transformers
  6. ELECTRIC: breaker switches, condensers, electric actuators, electric equipment, electric motors, electro-graphite brushes, electron lamps, electronic modules, heat elements, industrial lighting, magnets, micro switches, rate generators, reed relays, switches, tachogenerators, thermostats, transistors and thyristors
  7. TECHNOLOGIC MACHINES AND DEVICES: aggregates, autoclaves, batchers, bending machines, centrifuges, cleaning systems for moulds, bacteria and disagreeable odors in containers and rooms, industrial television, coolers, compressors, decanters, depalletizers, detectors, dewaters, disintegrators, driers, droplet separator, drying scales, edge banders, exchangers, granulators, guillotine shears, heat sealer, heaters, homogenizers, hydropulpers, illuminator devices, industrial vacuum cleaners, industrials screens, labeler, laboratory baths, laboratory furnaces, lathes, macerators, machine tool, milling machines, mills, mixers, monoblocks, overhead cranes, packing machines, presses, rotoclaves, sacking scales, separators, silos, sorting machines, strapping machines, stretch wrapping machines, thermal oil heaters, ventilators, water distillation device
  8. MECHANICS: anti-vibrators, composite leaf springs, graphite semi-finished products, grinding wheels, knives for machines, lubricators, mechanical seals, power saws, shafts, springs, tools
  9. DRIVES: blowers, breaks, clutches, driving belts, electric spindles, gearboxes, reducers, gearmotors, telphers with lines and chains
  10. PNEUMATICS and HYDRAULICS: accumulators, actuators, air cushions, converters, couplings, dampers, diaphragms, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, pressure controllers, separators, servo-motors, switches, valves
  11. PUMPS: diffusion pumps, electromagnetic pumps, gear pumps, impeller pumps, lobar pumps, membrane pumps, metering pumps, mixed flow pumps, peristaltic pumps, piston pumps, positive-displacement pumps, progressing cavity pumps, propeller pumps, rotary pumps, screw pumps, sliding -vane pumps, submersible pumps, vane pumps
  12. FILTRATION SYSTEMS: aeration plates, cartridges, filters and filter elements, hydrocyclone, sieves, belts
  13. TECHNOLOGIC TRANSPORT: conveyors, pneumatic transport systems